CIP Green Power Team

Green Power Systems announces the sponsorship agreement with the French CIP Moto team , which takes part in the Moto 3 World Championship, and creates a new team for season 2018: CIP Green Power Team. Two young riders will be part of our team: the young Scottish John McPhee, born in 1994 and Makar Yurchenko, 20 years old, born in Saint Petersburg from Kazakhstan parents.

Green Power Systems is going to be essential part of the team, guaranteeing good visibility to the brand thanks to the chromatic personalization. Green Power logo in fact will be placed on the uniforms of the drivers and of the mechanics, as well as on the bikes and inside the box, on the vehicles technicians and hospitality areas where customers and guests will be welcomed. International TV, like Sky Sport MotoGp, and the official Facebook and Instagram profiles of the team, with active links, information on results and main events, will guarantee further visibility to the brand.

“We firmly believe that MotoGp is the most prestigious speed championship in the world, so we at Green Power Systems decided to invest more in this new challenge. In addition to the great international visibility of the brand, our goal is to create business relationships with the many companies that support this sport. We share with motorcycling the same values of passion, energy, competitiveness and results… We therefore believe that MotoGp is a very important opportunity to demonstrate our mission at global levels.” Raffaele Brugnettini (Green Power Systems CEO).

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