Idrofoglia Irrigation Systems was established in 1979 as a manufacturing firm of irrigation machines, using the thirty-year experience of its founders in the field of agricultural machineries. Starting from the end of the Nineties, Idrofoglia tenaciously wanted to apply its technical and productive know-how also in the production and commercialization of motor pumps for construction and industrial uses and fire-fighting units: that is how Idrofoglia Fluid Systems and Idrofoglia Safety Systems were born. Today Idrofoglia is one of the most important manufacturing industries of irrigation technologies for the water and fluid movement and operates with a worldwide distribution network.


Lunano (PU) Italy
Via Provinciale 14 / 61026
Web Site:
Phone: +39 0722 700311
Fax: +39 0722 700309


Fixed and turntable Turbocar irrigation machines

Hydraulic Turbocar irrigation machines and incorporated motor pump

Motor pumps for irrigation

Spraying booms and accessories

Commercial components

Gasoline self-priming motor pumps

Self-priming motor pumps with diesel engines

Vacuum motor pumps

Motor pumps and electric pumps for industry

Components and accessories

Column-mounted and bracket mounted jib cranes with manual rotation

Jib cranes and equipments with electric activation

Gantry cranes and spreader beams

Lifting accessories

Under hook accessories

EN12845 – UNI10779 fire-fighting units

Pressurization units and autoclave

UNI11292 external premises for fire-fighting unit

Components and fire-fighting material

Installation of fire-fighting equipments

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