Everything began in the second postwar period when Brugnettini brothers decided to start to work as smiths in a little blacksmith shop in Lunano, a little village in the heart of the Montefeltro. With the passing of the time the work increases and also the creativity of the charter members, that in the Seventies create Idrofoglia, the mother of the all companies. In the following ten years the demand grows as well as the request for peculiar products .That brings Idrofoglia to outline 3 internal divisions: agricultural machineries, motor pumps and fire-fighting units. At the end of the Nineties a new challenge issues for the new generation: the Brugnettini cousins. This business impulse gives birth to Green Power, a leader company in the manufacturing of generating sets and brings to the buyout of Ironsystem, a young and emerging reality for handling and lifting systems. In the new millennium the demand of avant-garde plastic workings gives origin to Modula, specialized in thermoforming and Modula Case System, focused on the production of roof boxes and car and bike accessories.

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